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Kaabil movie review

Kaabil is a revenge drama of visually impaired Rohan and Sue played by Hrithik and Yami respectively. The much in love blind couple Rohan and Sue get married and live happily until it is found that Yami has been kidnapped and there is no enough support from the police. The story is about how Rohan with his visual imparty fights against all odds for his lady love.
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Raees Movie Review

Raees is a story of a Gujarati liquor smuggler that transports you to the 80’s era with loads of entertainment and action. You can feel the excitement as soon as you see the screen lighting up with ‘Shah Rukh Khan in and as Raees‘! The story is about a man named Raees, played by SRK who lives in a small village and starts up his business on his own terms as a liquor smuggler in a dry state and how he becomes rich. Raees runs into trouble when chased by a righteous inspector Jaideep Majumdar played by Nawazuddin.

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