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Movie review: Dear Zindagi


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Alia plays Kiara, who is a cinematographer and goes through love, complexities in relationships and breakups. Tired of recklessness and sleeplessness, she decides to visit a therapist named Dr Jehangir Khan played by SRK. The story is about how Kiara goes through this emotional journey and comes out all sorted and mature at the end of her sessions.


Kiara is too confused with relationships- especially her love life and one with her parents. She, starts facing her fears and learns to deal with different issues of life with the help of Mr. Khan. The ‘Padmabhushan’ scene of Alia’s confrontation with her parents is impactful and so is the ‘kursi‘ analogy with relationships. The ‘samundar se kabbadi‘ is an interesting idea too. These are few of the fantastic moments in the film. The ending is just perfect.


We are sure SRK fans or not, no one will have complaints from SRK. He is poised, nuanced and not one note wrong as Jehangir Khan. You really can’t imagine anyone else in this role. Spot on. Everyone would like to have such a therapist in life! Alia is a polished diamond and shines in every single frame. Today’s girl will relate to her. Together they create magic. The real hero of the film is the director Gauri Shinde who manages so convey deep things with such simple statements. Big Kudos to her!

Love this statement in the film:

Don’t let your past blackmail your present to ruin your beautiful future!!

Ratings: 3.5/5

Final Verdict: Phenomenal performances, wonderfully directed and celebrates life most beautifully.

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