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Raees is a story of a Gujarati liquor smuggler that transports you to the 80’s era with loads of entertainment and action. You can feel the excitement as soon as you see the screen lighting up with ‘Shah Rukh Khan in and as Raees‘! The story is about a man named Raees, played by SRK who lives in a small village and starts up his business on his own terms as a liquor smuggler in a dry state and how he becomes rich. Raees runs into trouble when chased by a righteous inspector Jaideep Majumdar played by Nawazuddin.

Rahul Dholakia has returned to direction after a big gap and he has hit the bull’s eye with a fantastic directorial skills. This is the first time he has tried a masala entertainer. He has recreated the vintage 80’s era brilliantly and manages to transport audiences convincingly to that era. A lot of credit goes to the seetimar dialogues and background score. The climax is shot well and is gripping. There are some amazing twists and turns the make the film gripping. SRK shines the most in the climax. The editing could have been a slight tighter.


Mr. Khan is Raees and Raees is Mr. Khan. He has delved into the role deeply and looks very bit of it. He is a show stealer. Grey character and SRK is pure magic. Nawazuddin electrifies the screen with a brilliant and effortless performance. His is a winning act as always. Mahira shines in her part and looks very confident in front of SRK. Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub as SRK’s conflidate is brilliant. The screenplay is great which adds a lot to the film. Raees has everything that you would want in an action entertainer.

Final Verdict:

Review: Raees is an engaging gangster action drama with stellar performances

Ratings: 3.5/5

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